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WelcomeToHberg1012We were born of the railroad and timber, but our true assets run deep under our feet. We are an oil town… unique
in Mississippi for the abundant natural resources that course through our wells.

Oil and gas are not the only resources running deep in Heidelberg. It is our people that make us extraordinary. We believe in the future of Heidelberg. We join together to make it better. We commit to our place and to our future, for ourselves and for our children.

Heidelberg is a friendly town located where Interstate-59, Hwy 528 and Hwy 11 meet. We have a great sense of community, good educational facilities, and convenient access to larger cities.

Jasper County is the top oil producing county in Mississippi. Most of the oil in Jasper County is located in Heidelberg which has attracted many oil service businesses into the area to support our valuable natural resource. With a population of 840, Heidelberg is a ‘home town’ kind of place where you’ll come to know most everyone. Enjoy the best of two worlds. Our town is a pleasant place to live, rural yet near city amenities. We have a cost of living that is only 71% of the national average.

Heidelberg offers a wide range of religious denominations to choose from, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Methodist are only a few. Some churches date back to the time the town was founded. The second oldest Catholic Church in the state is located in Paulding, just 12 miles away.

Below is a photo of the Mary Weems Parker Library

Mary Weems Parker Library in Heidelberg, MS

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